11-year-old boy offers ‘advice’ sessions to subway passengers for $2.00 and it’s awesome

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Ciro Ortiz, an 11-year-old schoolboy from Brooklyn in New York, has hit on an unusual way of earning some spare cash.

Each Sunday, he spends two hours on the platform at a subway station, offering five-minute “emotional advice” counseling sessions to whoever wants them — for which he charges a highly-reasonable $2.

Ciro has a cardboard sign reading simply ‘Emotional Advice $2’. He has taped to a small portable table, and brings along two folding chairs — one for him and one for this clients.

Sometimes a caring, unbiased ear is all people need to get through the day. This young boy has figured out how to give them what they need.

Watch the video to learn about this inspirational young man.

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