Building a Better Future: The Role of Kindness in Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

Devin C. Hughes
3 min readJan 24, 2024

Mary gripped her chest. Her vision blurry, she tumbled to the ground.

As if in the distance, Grace’s voice echoed, “Call 911!”

Mary felt the blur that was her life fading in and out. Time felt as if it was standing still. The pain. Her husband. Her children. What were they going to do without her? The tightness in her chest wrenched her heart unmercilessly.

When the rescue workers finally arrived, Mary knew she was done.

When she went to work that morning, she had no idea that it could be her last.

Mary was about one thing: Making everyone else happy. Rarely did she ever worry about herself as much as she did everyone else.

Unfortunately her boss? Was the opposite.

He cared only about his paycheck. He cared about his staff’s performance and their ability to produce. He pushed and pushed until he couldn’t push any more. He was cold and cold-hearted.

If he were pleasant at any time, Mary headed for the hills. Because she knew that there would be hell to pay very soon.

Mary’s salary was enough to pay her bills and allow her multiple visits to the Yoga studio each month, where she thought she’d unwind. But those few…



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