How to Develop Self-Compassion and Be Nicer to Yourself & Others

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Everyone, regardless of who they are, needs a bit of support and compassion from time-to-time. Everyone. This can be difficult, as we are our own biggest critics.

Sometimes this can be useful, when pushing to get a job done or assessing a difficult situation.

The bad thing is, most of us do this to ourselves on a daily basis, over the most trivial of things. Regularly knocking ourselves down can be just as, if not more taxing on our self-esteem.

Do you found it harder to feel compassion toward yourself than the stranger sitting next to you?” … to others?

I am delighted to share with you how I began to start unraveling some of that negative thinking and while working towards finding compassion (one of the necessary elements of mindful acceptance) for myself and others.

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Keynote Speaker | Mindfulness Maven | Happiness Muse | Author | Diversity & Inclusion Advocate |

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