How to Help Employees Deal with Holiday Stress

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The holidays can be hard at the office. There’s no easy way around it — they can put a dent in your bank account and amp up the stress several notches. Regardless of your industry, you need to be able to maintain your sanity without hiding out until January 2nd.

Workplace stress around the holidays can take an especially big toll on your emotional well-being. Worrying about all the things that come with the end-of-year push — inventory, taxes, hiring or cutting back staff… all of it can add up to a pretty heavy load. Luckily, there are several things you can do to make the holiday season at work (and at home) go more smoothly.

Organize a Get-Together

No matter your place of business — whether you’re working in retail, warehousing and logistics, customer service, food and bev or even in a regular office — the final weeks of the year can present a challenge for your happiness and stress levels.

According to an article in Forbes, it’s essential to have strong positive workplace relationships to foster happiness both in and out of the office. This doesn’t mean playing drinking games in the breakroom after work, but it does indicate that workplace friendships can enhance personal and professional performance.

Check with others to find out if there are any social events scheduled for the holidays. If your office doesn’t have a holiday get-together planned, you may want to take the reins and organize one yourself. If it’s possible, plan it for outside of work hours so that there aren’t any major constraints on timing — it’s hard to enjoy yourself if you’re worried about making your 2 o’clock meeting.

Share the Wealth

It’s been proven that generosity and gratitude can greatly improve one’s health and outlook on life. To keep your own spirits up and raise someone else’s this holiday season, make a concerted effort to share your good fortune with others. This can be through material goods, such as donating toys for a company toy drive or gathering a group of co-workers and working in a local soup kitchen.

Show Your Team You Care

There’s nothing quite like the dynamic between a group of people all working toward one goal. Let your team members (whether you’re a manager or not) know how much you appreciate them. Little things like bringing in coffee and pastries (don’t forget to check if there are dietary restrictions — if there are, be sure to pick up something for those that might not be able to partake otherwise) or ordering in lunch for the group can bring you all together and foster good feelings all around.

Be Kind

The holidays can be hard on everyone, but especially those that don’t have family or close friends to spend these special days with. If you have an extra seat at your table, invite them to join you and your family or friends to celebrate. Everyone deserves to have a great holiday in the presence of those they enjoy spending time with.

These are just a few ways you can brighten up the holidays in your work environment.

Do you have some work traditions of your own at work?

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