Kidness Is Contagious — 14 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for You‎

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Seeing another person perform an act of kindness can warm your heart. That feeling has a name — it’s called moral elevation, and it’s that warm-and-fuzzy sensation you get when you’re in the presence of a person doing something kind for someone else.

Hence. kindness is, quite literally, contagious. Studies have found that this natural high makes people want to behave more altruistically towards other people.

Are you ready?

Fouteen full days of selfless deeds just to make someone else smile.

Does it get any better than that?

Try one of these every day for the next 14 days — I’d love to hear how it goes!

  • Compliment at least one person every day.
  • Send a positive text message to five different people right now.
  • Pay it forward — pick up the tab for the person behind you in line, whether it’s at a coffee counter or waiting in line for the train.
  • Surprise a loved one with a small but meaningful token of affection — a favorite bottle of wine, for example.
  • Stop and help someone pick up heavy items or reach something on a high shelf.
  • Bring goodies in for the whole office. Healthy treats let them know you care all that much more.
  • Know someone that’s under a lot of pressure? Give them a gift card for takeout so they don’t have to worry about preparing a meal when they arrive home.
  • Volunteer to spend time with an elderly person that has no one to visit them. Isolation can have negative effects on not only their mental but their physical health as well.
  • Write notes to each of your family members telling them how much you love them. Leave them in unexpected places like a jacket pocket or on the bathroom mirror.
  • Keep a handful of $5 restaurant gift cards with you. If you see someone that looks like they could use a meal, give them one.
  • Open doors for strangers. A little courtesy goes a long way.
  • On the topic of lonely seniors — get involved with Love for the Elderly — you’d be surprised how far a simple letter can go with someone that thinks they’re all alone.
  • Let someone go in front of you in line who only has a few items.
  • Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked cookies or treats!

Share kindness spontaneously. If it feels right in the moment, then do it, whatever it is!

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