Kindness Starts With One Person

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Join me in creating a kinder, wiser, more compassionate world by celebrating World Random Acts of Kindness Week — February 11th — 18th.

A global 7 day celebration dedicated to paying-it-forward and focusing on the good.

We all have someone who has gone above and beyond to show us kindness; someone who shifts our perspective, helps us through painful moments or inspires us to be kinder in our daily lives.

  • Was there a teacher who saw something in you when no one else took the time?
  • Is it a neighbor who kept an eye on the house when you were away?
  • What about a family member or friend who always encouraged you to do your best when you doubted yourself?
  • Maybe it was a close friend who comforted you during a difficult time in your life?
  • Do you have a co-worker who always brightens up your day when others go dark and negative?

Send A Positive Text Right Now

Pick one person and send them an uplifting text message today. It matters! #RAKWeek2018

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