Lizzie Velasquez: Her Story Changed My Life

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I want to introduce you to an incredible woman named Lizzie Velasquez. After reading about her, I am really amazed at her strength and ability to fight adversity.

She is no stranger to hatred and bullying — she was born with a congenital condition that is thought to be a form of progeroid syndrome. It makes it impossible for her to gain weight or retain body fat, leaving her with a very thin physique.

When she was 17, Velasquez faced an onslaught of cyber-bullying, as strangers on YouTube labeled her the “Ugliest Woman in the World.”

Growing up, she was teased mercilessly and bullied by other children. Somehow, with the support of her incredible family and her own inner strength, she has turned what could have been a soul-crushing disability into a way to communicate messages of self-confidence and love.

Take a few minutes to watch Lizzie tell her story:

I choose To Be Happy — TEDXYouth Austin

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