ROOMFORMANCHESTER: Kindness Amidst the Chaos

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On the evening of Monday the 22nd, just four short days ago, the city of Manchester, England was devastated by an act so horrible and so cowardly that it left the entire world reeling. A terrorist entered the arena of a concert — with mostly children participating — and detonated a bomb that killed twenty-two people and wounded countless others.

This could have easily brought the entire city to its knees, but instead, an incredible thing started to happen — people began opening their hearts and homes to embrace those affected by the blast.

Using the hashtag #ROOMFORMANCHESTER, strangers opened their homes to those that needed somewhere to stay. They offered rides. Food. Emotional support. The terrorist who had hoped to tear a city apart had the opposite effect: he brought them closer together.

There is still good in this world, even under the most unexpected circumstances.


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