Seven Ways to Build Better Coworker Relationships

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Building employee morale has been a common theme among management as of late and for good reason. Company socials and outings, promoting exercise through walk-a-thons or friendly weight-loss contests, and other mood-boosting strategies are fine (although I felt a mandatory high-school-style company rally at one business I worked was a bit much).

But fancy plans aren’t always needed. Sometimes the simple approach is the best. So I’ve put together this list of 7 things I have found invaluable in maintaining positive relations at work based on the traits I referred to above.

There are plenty of nice things you can do for your coworkers on days when the world feels awful, and they can hopefully bring a much-needed smile on days where everything feels so terrible. No matter how close you are — whether you’re super close friends with your coworkers or merely acquaintances — these awesome acts of kindness will help you both smile, if only just for a few moments, and get through the work day.

  • Buy your coworker her favorite iced cold beverage. There is nothing like an iced coffee or tea on a hot summer day.

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