Spread Some Love to a Coworker Today

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Your mission, should you choose/decide to accept it…

Spread some joy at work today!

Sticky notes are one of the world’s best inventions. Come on, admit it — you have a thing for them, too. Aside from being a really fun way to jot down ideas, did you know that they can be a highly useful tool in keeping you and others focused on the positive?

A client of mine always leaves a sticky note on her co-workers computer monitors at the end of the day. I finally asked her why, and she told me that it’s a reminder to let them know how much she appreciates what they do and who they are…A little boost first thing every am… I started doing this and you know what? It actually works.

It can be easy to get bogged down in everything that needs to be done, making it difficult to see what has already been accomplished. Give it a try — you can even place it on a desk door or on someone’s computer screen.

They will begin to look forward to seeing that bright little square of positivity every morning!

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Keynote Speaker | Mindfulness Maven | Happiness Muse | Author | Diversity & Inclusion Advocate | www.devinchughes.com

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