Transforming Your Mindset to Create Change & Accelerate Results

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Habits make up most of our lives. It’s not because you had the same steak dinner three Saturdays in a row or because you drive the same route to and from the gym everyday. It’s not because you’re boring.

It’s because habits are a means of survival. They protect our brains from implosion because we can handle only so many decisions a day before we snap. And snapping isn’t pretty.

So we create habits.

Think about it. What did you do this morning when you got out of bed? Chances are it’s the same thing that you did every morning before that. What route did you drive to work? Probably the same route you always drive.

It’s you. Surviving.

So why aren’t you creating habits that make you better? Happier?

As an individual, you’re either evolving and changing or you’re falling behind. You don’t want to fall behind. You can’t afford to fall behind. You don’t want your competition inching ahead while you’re left scrounging for their scraps. Leftovers are over-rated.

You’re a contender. You’re a fighter. So why are you sitting back on your hunches?

Get up. Get moving forward by creating success habits that will shift your game from “oh well, this is my destiny” to “Raawwwrrrr! Let’s OWN this!”


Get up in the morning and go straight to your mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, “I WILL close today.” But don’t just say it. FEEL it. You have to believe it. Make it a habit to make yourself believe in your own abilities. Do it EVERYDAY FOR 21 DAYS.

Give them their due.

When you feel doubt and sadness creeping in, give them their moments. Moments. Then, move on — quickly. It’s okay to feel like crap once in a while. It’s not okay to stay that way. Make it a habit to move on quickly — by acknowledging and shifting.

Make the shift.

When the world has pooped on you, and you’ve given the bad feelings their rights, move on to the next emotion by creating it. Create some Happiness by getting off your rear end and getting some exercise. Do NOT roll your eyes at me. Force yourself to smile. Stop and think of the good things in your life. Whatever it takes to make you use those smile muscles.

Because when your mindset changes… You will be unstoppable.

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