Why Women Survive Crisis Better Than Men, according to Science

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Your sweet daughter or niece may not be the delicate flower you thought — she’s a lot tougher than anyone suspected.

New research suggests the female advantage in life expectancy has fundamental biological roots

A Duke University research study has shown that baby girls (and the women they grow into) are stronger and more capable of handling situations such as famine or disease when compared to males.

Researchers at the University of Southern Denmark trawled through historic data looking at death rates for men and women who suffered famines and epidemics, or who were sold into slavery.

Based on these findings, the academics concluded, “The hypothesis that the survival advantage of women has fundamental biological underpinnings is supported by the fact that under very harsh conditions females survive better than males even at infant ages when behavioral and social differences may be minimal or favor males.”

In virtually every case, they found that women survived their ordeals far longer, often outliving their male counterparts by years, even when conditions were equally dire.

That is some serious girl power.

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